General Tab

Multi Threading

PDFCreator Server is able to use multiple threads to convert PDFs. You can set the amount of threads to be used with the slider. PDFCreator Server also displays a recommended number of threads depending on your system.


To help solving problems, PDFCreator logs information to the Windows event log. You can open the event log by clicking on Open Event Log.

You can set the logging level to filter the importance (and consequently the quantity) of the notifications. For example Off would turn off the logging.

Debug would be the log level for troubleshooting. If you have to contact our support, feel free to add the information logged on this Level.

Error is the default log level.

It is important to note that a low logging level can have an impact on the performance of PDFCreator Server. It is recommended to set it to Warn or higher for normal use.

Export Settings

Exporting settings to share, sync or store your settings works the same way it does in PDFCreator. Please refer to the Export Settings section in Debug for more information.