Queues Tab

In the Queues Tab you can configure different print queues. Each queue represents a configuration to convert PDFs, similar to the profiles in PDFCreator.

Managing Queues

On the left side of the Window you can see a list with all your queues. Use the green plus button below the list to create a new queue. The red minus button lets you delete the currently selected queue and with the orange pen you are able to rename it. In order to use the settings configured in a queue you need to assign it to a printer in the printer tab.

Configuring a Queue


The conversion setting allows you to configure the format of the created files. Per default it is set to PDF.


The filename template is where you change the way you would like PDFCreator Server to name the documents it creates. The default value is <title>, this token will be replaced by the source document’s title. Tokens can be added by selecting an item from the token list.


You can use tokens here. For more information, please visit the Tokens section.

Save Location

In order to successfully print using the settings from your queue, you need to choose a location to save the created files to. You can do that using the Save Location setting.


You can use tokens here. For more information, please visit the Tokens section.

More Settings

By clicking on the More Settings button, you’ll be able to configure more optional settings. You can find more information about those settings in the Queue Settings.


You can see the result of your configuration by using the Print Test Page button. When the test page is created, the settings of the currently selected queue are used. Because the service is not used in this process, it does not have to be running in order to create a test file.