Queue Settings

In the queue settings window you are able to adjust additional settings for a queue.


In the Document tab you can configure templates for the author and the title of the created documents, as well as configure a stamp. These features work the way they do in PDFCreator and you can find more information about them in the Document section.


PDFCreator Server supports different actions that can be executed when converting a file. Because user interaction is not possible not all actions from PDFCreator are supported. The following actions are available:


It is important to note that it is necessary in PDFCreator Server to set the passwords for the SMTP or FTP servers when configuring them, as they can’t be entered during the conversion.

Image Formats

PDFCreator Server supports the creation of several image formats. More information about this feature can be found in the PDFCreator Image Formats section.


PDFCreator Server supports all the options for PDF creation of PDFCreator. Please refer to the PDF section for more information.


An important difference to note is that you need to set all required passwords in the settings as you are not able to interact with the application during runtime.