General Settings


Select the application language from the list of supported languages. The selected language will be set by leaving the settings with *Save*. You can check the translation with the Preview button. The language will be reverted, when you leave the dialog with the Cancel button.

Update Check

PDFCreator checks for updates automatically and informs you about new versions. You can set the interval to Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Select Never to disable the automatic update check. You can immediately check for updates by clicking *Check now*.

Default Printer

Occasionally, PDFCreator is required to be the default printer to perform some tasks. Select Yes and PDFCreator automatically changes itself to the default printer temporarily to complete the task. Set it to Ask and PDFCreator will ask each time it is needed.

Explorer context menu

Add PDFCreator to the context menu of the explorer. When you right-click on documents in the Windows Explorer a new menu item will appear called “Create PDF with PDFCreator”. This enables the user to quickly convert documents to PDF without having to open the document. This functionality might require PDFCreator to temporarily assign itself as default printer status (see Default Printer).

If you do not need this functionality, you can Remove the entry from the context menu.


You need to have administrator privileges to add or remove the context menu entry.