Some programs add specific content to the title. For example, some Microsoft Word documents will be named “Microsoft Word - filename.docx.pdf” when converted into PDF. If you don’t want to change the filename for every document you create but you want to change they way files created in a certain program are saved, you can use Title Replacement.

You can remove the additions from the filename automatically by adding a substitution to the list. To remove the “Microsoft Word - ” and the ”.docx” from the example, you must add these to strings as Search text and leave Replace with empty, so they will be replaced with nothing.

To add new Substitutions in the Title Replacement list, simply press + and a new Search Text with empty text will be added to the end of the list. Change the values by clicking on the items. The Search Text may not be empty, else the item will be deleted. Replace with can be empty to remove the Search Text from title. Alternatively you can set a text that will substitute the Search Text. If an item is selected, it can be deleted by clicking on the - button.