Send e-mail over SMTPΒΆ

To automatically send the created document attached to an e-mail directly without opening an e-mail client, PDFCreator has the action to send e-mail over SMTP. If you save your password in the profile, PDFCreator will send the e-mail without any user interaction.

E-mail address: Enter your sending e-mail address.

User name: The account’s username, that is often the same as your e-mail address.

Host: The address of your outbox server (SMTP) according to your provider.

Port: Is the port number of your SMTP server (common numbers are 587, 25 or 465).

SSL: Enable SSL/TLS encryption.

Set password: You can save your password to skip any further interaction to send the e-mail. Otherwise PDFCreator will ask you for your SMTP e-mail password during the print job. For automatic saving, you must set all required passwords.


The passwords are encrypted before they are stored by PDFCreator. The encryption can be reverted though and is only intended to avoid plaintext passwords to be seen in the Registry.

Please keep in mind, that automated profiles can “silently” send e-mails!

To delete the saved password, just press Remove in the Set password Dialog. Afterwards you must leave the Profile Settings with Save.

Recipient(s): You can set multiple recipients (separated by commas).

Edit mail text: Set the subject and content of your e-mail. You can use tokens with specific values of the current print job (e.g. name of the attached file).


You can use tokens here. For more information, please visit the Tokens section

Avoid “copy & paste” if you want to use the same content as in the “open e-mail client” action and enable use same text as in e-mail client.

If you want to support PDFCreator, we would be very pleased if you enabled our signature, but you can also use this service free of ads.

Send test mail: Check your settings by sending a test e-mail to your own e-mail address (given above).