Page Orientation

Create PDF with Portrait or Landscape orientation. If you select Auto-Detect PDFCreator will detect the predominating text orientation page by page and accordingly rotate the page.


Text that is contained in images can’t be detected.

If you want to rotate a page afterwards, you can use our free PDF Architect.

Color Model

Set a color model RGB, CMYK or Greyscale. Note that the selected model does not apply to images.

Viewer Settings

Page view specifies how pages are displayed:

  • Single page view displays one page at a time (this is the default).
  • Floating page view displays the pages in one column.
  • Double page view (odd pages left) / Double page view (odd pages right) displays the pages in two columns, with the odd page number on the left/right.
  • Floating Double page view (odd pages left) / Floating Double page view (odd pages right) displays two pages at once, with odd-numbered pages on the left/right.

Document view specifies how to open the PDF file. Should bookmarks be displayed or whether should the document opened in full screen mode etc.:

  • Neither document outline nor thumbnail images visible - None of the tabs on the left are selected (this is the default).
  • Document outline visible - The document outline (with the bookmarks) is visible.
  • Thumbnail image visible - Thumbnail images corresponding with the pages are visible.
  • Fullscreen mode - No menu bar, window controls or any other windows are visible.
  • Optional content group panel visible
  • Attachements panel visible

Viewer open on page determines which page should be displayed after opening.