Command line parametersΒΆ

PDFCreator enables you to create documents via the command line interface. PDFCreator currently supports the following commands:

/PrintFile=”Path.extension” Print a file with the standard program linked to the extension of the file. In general, this option is useful in connection with Auto-Save mode.


pdfcreator.exe /PrintFile="C:\test.doc"

/PrinterName=”PDFCreator Printer” This can be used with the PrintFile parameter to specify the name of the printer PDFCreator will use. If the parameter is not specified, the default PDFCreator printer will be used.


pdfcreator.exe /PrintFile="C:\test.doc" /PrinterName="PDFCreator"

/ManagePrintJobs PDFCreator will start with the List of print jobs opened. This is useful when using Auto-Save as PDFCreator will keep all print jobs waiting until you manually continue the conversion. After that, all print jobs are converted automatically.