Using profiles

You can define multiple profiles. Each profile defines the settings for the output file and what is done with it (calling actions like: open e-mail or print after saving, etc.)

To learn more about the available options, please refer to the section Profile Settings.

Managing profiles

You can add profiles by clicking the plus (+) button. This will copy the current settings into a new profile. Profiles can be deleted with the minus (-) button, except the “default profile”, which can not be deleted or renamed. Use the Rename button to rename profiles.


The given presets can not be renamed, but they can be copied into new renamable profiles (plus button). Afterwards the unneeded original preset can be deleted (minus button).

Save all changes with clicking on Save button. The Cancel button will undo all changes in the current dialog (also the adding or deletion of profiles).

If you open the Profile Settings during a print job, an OK button will be available. By leaving the settings with OK, the current changes will be stored in a <last unsaved changes> profile. That way you can make temporary changes, without saving them permanently. The <last unsaved changes> profile will appear in the profile list. It is editable, but can’t be renamed. It will remain untill it gets deleted by the user. If you want to save the temporary settings permanently, you have to copy them into a new profile with the (+) button (see above).