Installing PDFCreator

PDFCreator is a very lightweight application. If your machine is able to run a modern Windows OS without troubles, it should be able to run PDFCreator. Find more detailed system requirements and installation guides below.

Deploying PDFCreator Business & Terminal Server

If you are installing PDFCreator on many machines, you will most likely want to customize some options. You can find a list of all parameters in Setup Command Line Parameters.

PDFCreator Business and Terminal Server customers may also use the MSI Installer.

PDFCreator Business, Plus & Free

To get started, run the setup and follow the instructions on your screen. The default setup will only ask you which components you would like to install.


Use the expert mode if you would like to modify the application path, printer name and additional options.

PDFCreator Terminal Server

Learn how to correctly install and configure PDFCreator Terminal Server: Installation on a terminal server


Please make sure to to see Licensing service configuration and follow the guide to configure the PDFCreator licensing service correctly.