Group policies

Since PDFCreator Business 2.2.0 it is possible to control several PDFCreator settings using group policies. Therefore we provide the PDFCreator Business.admx file. You can find this file in the “Group Policies” folder of your installation of PDFCreator Business or PDFCreator Terminal Server.

If you are new to Group Policies and want to learn how to install and manage them, please read the following MSDN article:

Make sure to always copy the PDFCreator Business.adml file into the path %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions\en-us whether your Windows is installed in English or in another language. The PDFCreator Business.admx file goes into %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions.

All settings are arranged as machine and user group policy. At which machine is superior.

The available group policy settings are listed below

Setting Type Description
AllowUserDefinedProfiles Bool Enable to allows own user profiles next to the shared profiles
DisableAccountsTab Bool Activate to disable accounts tab. This disables the functionality to add, remove or change accounts.
DisableApplicationSettings Bool Activate to disable the access to the whole application settings.
DisableDebugTab Bool Activate to disable debug tab. This disables the functionality to run test jobs and change the debug level.
DisablePrinterTab Bool Activate to disable printer tab. This disables the functionality to add/delete/rename PDFCreator printers, change profile assignments and set the primary pdfcreator printer.
DisableProfileManagement Bool Activate to disable adding, renaming and deleting profiles.
DisableRssFeed Bool Activate to disable the rss news feed.
DisableTips Bool Disable tips on home view
DisableTitleTab Bool Activate to disable title tab. This disables the functionality to change title replacements.
DisableUsageStatistics Bool Activate to completely disable the anonymous usage statistics.
HideLicenseTab Bool Activate to hide license tab.
HidePdfArchitectInfo Bool Activate to hide information about our customizable PDF Editor.
LoadSharedAppSettings Bool Enable to load shared application settings
LoadSharedProfiles Bool Enable to load shared profiles
ApplicationSettings.Language String Set the display language of main program.
ApplicationSettings.UpdateInterval String Set the update interval. Set ‘Never’ to disable updates.