Group policies

Since PDFCreator Business 2.2.0 it is possible to control several PDFCreator settings by group policy. Therefore we provide the “PDFCreator Business.admx” file. You can find this file in the “Group Policies” folder of your installation of PDFCreator Business.

If you are new to Group Policies and want to learn how to install and manage them, please read the following MSDN article:

All settings are arranged as machine and user group policy. At which machine is superior.


When a policy is set, the respective feature in PDFCreator will be disabled in the user interface with a hint that it is set by the administrator.

The available group policy settings are listed below:


Disable application settings

If activated, the user does not have access to the complete application settings. When launching PDFCreator in the Windows Explorer the application settings button will be disabled.

Disable debug tab

If activated, the Debug tab will be disabled. The user will not be able to launch test jobs or change the logging level.

Disable printers tab

If activated, the Printers tab will be disabled. It contains functions to add or remove PDFCreator printers, assign profiles and set the primary printer.

Disable profile management

If activated the buttons to add, delete and rename profiles will be disabled.

Disable title tab

If activated, the Title tab will be disabled. It contains a list of strings that will be automatically replaced in the title.

Disable accounts tab

If activated, the Accounts tab will be disabled. It contains a list of accounts that can be used in the conversion profiles, i.e. for Dropbox, FTP, SMTP and more.

Disable usage statistics

If activated, the anonymous Usage Statistics will be disabled completely. Otherwise, the users will be able to choose if they want to activate the statistics and send us anonymous reports.

Hide PDF Architect info

If activated, the product information about our PDF editor PDF Architect will be not be displayed anymore.

Hide license tab

If activated, the License tab will be hidden. Furthermore the user will not be able to update the license. If the license becomes invalid, PDFCreator will shut down with an information for the user.

Hide welcome window

If activated, the window to introduce a new version to the user is not shown when a user starts the application for the first time. In this window, we present links to the changes, the user guide and more support resources.

Application Settings


Set the application language.

Update interval

Set the update interval. Select “never” to deactivate updates.