Installing and Configuring PDFCreator Server


In order to install PDFCreator Server, run the setup and follow the instructions on your screen.

During the setup you can choose to install an optional application that can test the performance of PDFCreator Server on your system. For more information take a look at the Performance Test section.

Once you have completed the Setup, you need to configure and then start the PDFCreator Server before you can use it.

PDFCreator Server 2.0.0 (and newer):
The PDFCreator Server setup is able to revoke activations automatically.
Activations are automatically revoked if:
  • you update PDFCreator Server from any older version

  • you manually uninstall PDFCreator Server


To configure PDFCreator Server open the PDFCreator Server GUI application. PDFCreator Server runs as a Windows service and you can use the GUI application to start and stop the service. Currently the service is started under the local system account by default. This can cause permission problems when attempting to write to UNC paths. We recommend to create a new user account to run the PDFCreator service with sufficient permissions for the target output folder.

In order to use the PDFCreator Server, you need to configure at least one print queue with a target location for the created files. After starting the service, it will convert all files printed to the PDFCreator Server printer using the settings from the queue.

For more information on the PDFCreator Server settings, please take a look at the PDFCreator Server Settings section.


To ensure complete functionality, please configure the service properly. See Service Configuration for all information needed.

System Requirements

System requirements



Operating System

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2012 (R2), 2008 (R2)

.NET Framework

most recent



Make sure your machine meets the .NET Framework hardware requirements