Conversion using COMΒΆ

When you create the COM Object basically you will get a reference to the queue, which collects all incoming print jobs. In order to create a workflow follow these steps:

  1. Call the Initialize() method with your COM Object.

  2. Call WaitForJob(timeOut) if you are waiting for one print job to get in the queue. The parameter timeOut specifies the maximum time the queue waits for the print job to arrive.

  3. Now you are able to get the next job in the queue by calling the property NextJob.

  4. Setup the profile of the job with the method SetProfileByGuid(guid). The guid parameter is used to assign the appropriate conversion profile.

  5. Start the conversion on your print job with ConvertTo(path). The path parameter includes the full path to the location where the converted file should be saved and its full name.

  6. The property IsFinished informs about the conversion state. If the print job is done, IsFinished returns true.

  7. If you want to know whether the job was successfully done, consider the property IsSuccessful. It returns true if the job was converted successfully otherwise false.


For more information on the Queue or the job and their methods/properties take a look at the Reference Manual. Further, for workflow examples including source code take a look at the following sections.