PDFCreator Printers

If you want to know about which printers are currently available to PDFCreator than you can do it as described below.


The provided code snippets have been written in JavaScript and can be found in the PDFCreator directory under COM Scripts/JS Scripts. Parts of the following code lines have been taken out ouf the GetPrinterDevices.js script and therefore can be found and executed there.

Getting started

  1. Get a reference to the COM object of PDFCreator.

var PDFCreator = new ActiveXObject("PDFCreator.PDFCreator");
  1. Call the GetPDFCreatorPrinters property to get a reference to the Printers object.

var printers = PDFCreator.GetPDFCreatorPrinters;
  1. Having a list with all printers, you are able to check how many printers are available and what’s their name by calling the Count property and the GetPrinterByIndex method.

/* this code part does not appear in the javascript file mentioned above */
var numberOfPrinters = printers.Count;
var firstPrinterName = printers.GetPrinterByIndex(0);


For more information on PDFCreator and/or Printers see the Printers section on the Reference Manual.