My Anti-Virus Program says that PDFCreator contains a virus.

In all cases so far, these have been false alerts. We always check the files before packaging them and the development machines are equipped with anti-virus software that is constantly updated. Before publishing a release, we additionally do a check with different anti-virus tools. To make sure our software is harmless you can check the files here: Virus Total.

A few times, the file uninst000.exe was detected. The file is part of our installer system (called Inno Setup) which is used by a lot of programs. Some virus signature producers are a bit inattentive to these things and add them to the database when they are contained in a trojan horse, not regarding, that they could be contained in proper software as well.

These false alerts normally disappear within few days. If you feel better anyway, you can keep the file in the quarantine for that time.