Setup Error: PDFCreator is already installed

Sometimes it happens, that the PDFCreator Setup will not install PDFCreator, as it detects a previous installation. This can be due to a aborted uninstallation or a defect setup (shame on us in that case). You will then get the error message “The program is installed already. For a new installation uninstall the program first”.

Sometimes it also happens, that other people have a look at our setup source code and copy interesting parts from it, which surely is ok and what open source is all about. But they do not change a setting, by which PDFCreator identifies itself. This can cause a conflict.

To solve these problems, there is a setup parameter /ForceInstall which will ignore this setting, which should solve all these troubles.

You can either start the setup through the command line (Start->Execute->”PDFCreator_Setup.exe /ForceInstall”) or create a shortcut to the installer an add the Parameter in the properties.