Release Notes

PDFCreator 5.1.2

Released 2023-08-21


  • The signing action now supports Elliptic-curve cryptography.

  • Updated to Ghostscript 10.01.2 due to a critical security flaw in lower versions. For more details look up CVE-Nummer CVE-2023-36664.

Bugs fixed

  • Using user tokens and having an empty page in the document could lead to an IndexOutOfRangeException.

  • An already installed PDF Architect 9 is now properly detected by the setup.

  • Saving files only temporarily stopped working for automatic saving.

Other Changes

  • The use of escape characters in user tokens has been concretely defined. Please refer to the User Tokens section of the user guide for more information.

  • Improved logging in case of errors with the directory.

  • The handling of too long file paths has been improved. Instead of marking the shortened paths with a “..”, the file name is simply truncated at the end to comply with the maximum path length. If a path needs to be shortened, a warning is logged.

PDFCreator 5.1.1

Released 2023-05-15

Bugs fixed

  • An ApplicationException could randomly occur when PDFCreator returned from standby.

  • Opening a document with PDF Architect from the quick actions or the history resulted in a PDF Architect recommendation window if the PDF Architect installation was finished while PDFCreator was already in use.

PDFCreator 5.1.0

Released 2023-04-24


  • PDFCreator Free, PDFCreator Professional, PDFCreator Terminal Server are now ready for ARM64.

  • Convert images directly to PDFs without the necessity to print. Therefore the user is able to set the page size and orientation for the resulting document.

  • Users now have the option to merge files automatically before or after the modify actions are executed.

  • User Tokens are now able to handle full paths in their value.

  • The merge view was enhanced with a button to add further files.

  • The PDFCreator is now able to handle escape character functionality when dealing with User Tokens. Please refer to the User Tokens section of the user guide for information on how to use them.

  • The context menu integration can be en- or disabled in the setup.

Bugs fixed

  • Determining User Tokens sometimes resulted in unexpected behavior. The functionality of the User Tokens is much more stable now.

  • Creating image formats did not work when user tokens or certain modify actions were enabled.

  • Clearing the log file could lead to an error, if the file was still locked.

  • File attachments in the direct E-mail action did not have the correct file extensions.

  • When creating new accounts while a print job was running, the print job window could show a message that the new account does not exist.

  • Shared settings will no longer modify stored settings in the registry.

Other Changes

  • PDFCreator now uses Ghostscript 10.01.1, which brings improved performance and stability. This also fixes a problem that directly processing PDF files was not working anymore under certain circumstances.

  • Certain application send the name of unsaved files with a leading “*” to the PDFCreator, which gets replaced with an “_”. A leading “*” is now removed by our default title replacement settings.

PDFCreator 5.0.3

Released 2022-12-08


  • A lot of translation strings have been added as we discovered and fixed an issue with our translation server. We would like to apologise for this and thank all the translators for their constant effort.

PDFCreator 5.0.2

Released 2022-11-17


  • PDFCreator Terminal Server is running on Windows Enterprise multi-session again.

Bugs fixed

  • User tokens without a colon character to separate the key and the value lead to an exception.

  • The split token was case sensitive and only worked with capital letters.

  • Group policies: The shared settings filename was case sensitive and could ignore a file, even if it existed.

PDFCreator 5.0.1

Released 2022-10-19

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Terminal Server: The account selection for the license service in the setup could not handle an “@” in the user name.

  • The owner password was not saved, resulting in a request during an interactive conversion or an auto-save error.

  • The content of the background action was placed above the actual content instead of in the background.

  • The settings migration from an older PDFCreator version could cause the font for the signature action to be missing.

  • PDFCreator Free: The signature action failed, when the received time stamp was larger than 4 KB.

PDFCreator 5.0.0

Released 2022-10-06


  • PDFCreator is now compatible with Windows Enterprise Multi-Session. Please use PDFCreator Professional (and not PDFCreator Terminal Server) on Multi-Session. The licensing is based on an activated user instead of the machine.

  • PDFCreator 5.0.0 has been completely redesigned to give it a tidy, modern look.

  • Auto-merge: When saving to an existing file, you can choose that the new document will automatically be merged with the existing file.

  • When signing a PDF, you can now insert images into the visual signature, such as a scan of a company stamp - or you draw your signature digitally in the signature settings.

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: Split a document into multiple documents by using a special split token.

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: New group policy to specify the name of the shared settings file - to assign different settings to different user groups.

  • FTP and SFTP now support custom ports by adding the port to the hostname.

  • Import a single profile from an exported settings file.

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: Due to its unique formatting, files created by Microsoft Word caused issues when parsing for user tokens.

  • Under some circumstances, print jobs did not arrive in PDFCreator in the correct order, e.g. when the first document took longer to print than the second. PDFCreator now sorts new print jobs based on the time when the print job was started, which ensures the correct order even if printing one document takes longer.

  • The usage of encryption or signature action could result in an unwanted reset to the default action order.

  • When a new version was available, the ‘Skip Version’ option did not work in combination with the standby and the hint was shown at each start.

  • During an update an installed license key was not displayed in the setup.

PDFCreator 4.4.3

Released 2022-07-26

Other Changes

  • The PDF Architect installer has been updated (including our lastest signature).

PDFCreator 4.4.2

Released 2022-03-09

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: During an uninstallation the proxy was not used for revoking the license.

  • The “open file” action did not consider the default application from the system’s user choice.

  • When PDFCreator was in standby, the COM interface did not work.

  • A ShellExecute error could occur during uninstallation.

  • “Close now” did not work when an update was installed via the user interface.

  • Default viewers did not use the specified additional parameters.

  • The delete function in the history was not working.

  • The PDF/A validation report could have been overwritten, even if “ensure unique filenames” was enabled.

Other Changes

  • The FTP connection can now be immediately tested in the account settings.

  • HotFolder now includes Hungarian language.

PDFCreator 4.4.1

Released 2021-12-01

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: There was an issue with the TLS version selection during the licensing process.

  • The conversion of PDF files via the context menu was broken.

  • Environment variables were not updated during standby.

  • Enabling actions in the CS-script action did not work.

  • When changing the installation directory during an update, new print jobs were only processed after starting PDFCreator manually.

  • Newly added profiles were displayed twice in the profile list.

  • The viewer start page was not applied for “merge all”.

  • Some setting values in the hot folder were not properly displayed.

Other Changes

  • The MSI property ADDLOCAL is now available for creating an Administrative Installation Point.

PDFCreator 4.4.0

Released 2021-09-01


  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server inherit the CS Script action from PDFCreator Server, which allows to integrate own C# scripts with access to the entire job data.

  • PDFCreator now has a standby mode that significantly improves performance.

  • New lightweight command line application (PDFCreator-cli.exe) that takes over the command line functionality of PDFCreator. If you have scripts that use PDFCreator to convert files or if you need to restore printers for shared settings, please switch to the new PDFCreator-cli.exe (see the “command line parameters” section of the user guide).

  • Multiple documents for cover, attachment or additional attachments in mail actions can now be sorted via drag & drop.

  • New action to automatically generate page numbers.

  • A test e-mail in the e-mail or SMTP action now uses the specified attachment files instead of dummy files.

  • The HTTP action supports tokens in the upload URL.

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: During uninstallation, the license was not revoked.

  • Fixed an error that could happen when adding accounts under certain conditions.

  • Under certain circumstances, deleted profiles were still shown in the profile list until re-opening the profiles tab.

PDFCreator 4.3.0

Released 2021-06-17

Breaking changes

  • Please check for the new e-mail format setting, when using the COM-interface for sending HTML formatted mails via SMTP.


  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: When mailing via SMTP, it is now possible to send the e-mail on behalf of someone else and to define the display name and reply to address.

  • The workflow editor view has been further improved with immediate and better visibility of incorrect settings.

  • The print action now has the option to fit the document to the page size of the printer.

  • New option to proceed with further send actions if one of them fails.

  • It is now possible to save settings with removed passwords, which makes it easier to share settings for a support case.

  • The e-mail quick action now uses default HTML setting of the client.

  • New warning about circular dependencies when selecting another PDFCreator printer in the print action.

Bugs fixed

  • HotFolder could sometimes use the wrong PDFCreator profile to convert files.

  • HotFolder did not consider shared settings.

  • The “forward to profile” action may have failed with an UnauthorizedAccessException.

  • Opening the signature settings always selected the first time server account instead of the originally selected.

  • The /Profile parameter did not work for files that have to be printed.

  • The <OutputFilenames> token was not always replaced.

  • For the very special condition that the filename contained a whitespace in the 23rd position, the conversion of PDF files via drag & drop failed.

Other Changes

  • The print action now displays the output filename in the printer queue.

  • Please check for the new e-mail format setting, when using the COM-interface for sending HTML formatted mails via SMTP.

  • The MSI will not run if it is not started with elevated privileges.

  • PDFCreator now starts in full screen, if the main window would be larger than the actual screen.

PDFCreator 4.2.0

Released 2020-11-02


  • PDFCreator 4.2.0 includes our newest PDF viewer and editor: PDF Architect 8.

  • The workflow editor view has been improved for a better overview and usability. Therefore the classic tab view of the profile settings was removed.

  • A new small wizard guides users through creating profiles.

  • The COM interface has been extended and allows better control over the execution order of actions.

  • It is now possible to add multiple files as cover pages or as attachment pages.

  • The setup now supports keyboard shortcuts.

Bugs fixed

  • HotFolder now uses PDFCreator’s direct conversion to convert PDF and PS files.

  • When restoring settings or loading from an ini file the updated application settings were not immediately displayed.

  • User tokens were not applied when switching between profiles on the print job screen.

  • Merging pdf or ps files via commandline parameter opened the merge window instead of merging the files instantly.

  • The setup lost the current PDFCreator language preference during updates.

  • A script error occurred while adding a Dropbox account.

  • The setup window could not be moved while an overlay is active.

PDFCreator 4.1.3

Released 2020-09-23

Bugs fixed

  • The offline activation in the setup was overwritten with an online activation while installing.

  • The command line parameter /RestorePrinters did not consider printers from a shared settings ini file during the restore.

  • An exception occured when using the e-mail quick action.

Other Changes

  • As announced with PDFCreator 4.0.0, the legacy setup is no longer provided. If you have not migrated yet, please consult the user guide to explore your options.

  • Command line parameters to deactivate the context menu entries or start menu entries are now available for the setup and the MSI installer.

  • Temporary files are deleted during the uninstallation.

PDFCreator 4.1.2

Released 2020-07-30

Bugs fixed

  • The COM interface could not be instatiated.

PDFCreator 4.1.1

Released 2020-07-28


  • Thanks to our translation community, we have been able to add a few new and updated languages.

  • The setup displays all languages that are available for the application, even if the setup itself is not translated to this language.

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Terminal Server: The licensing service did not start properly since PDFCreator 4.1.0.

  • PDFCreator Terminal Server: It was not possible to select a local user for the license service.

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: The creation of PDF/A with grayscale was broken. Temporarily this is fixed by using a RGB ICC profile.

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: Hotfolder and Images2Pdf desktop shortcuts were created, although shortcuts were disabled.

Other Changes

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: The ReadMe file on how to build the x86 MSI file is now an executable batch file.

PDFCreator 4.1.0

Released 2020-06-09


  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: This release introduces a new action to forward the print job to another profile - e.g. to convert to additional formats or multiply actions.

  • In addition to backgrounds, it is now possible to add watermarks - both with variable opacity.

  • When adding a background or watermark, the original size can be kept by disabling fit to page.

  • E-mails sent with PDFCreator can now have additional attachments.

  • Uploading to a FTP server is now possible via SFTP.

  • There is a new command line parameter which installs missing printers to sync settings and printers.

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: The user is informed about an impending license expiration and can activate a reminder.

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: It is now possible to deactivate the workflow overview via the group policy management.

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Professional, PDFCreator Terminal Server: Under certain conditions, entering the license key in the setup could result in a crash or close the setup screen immediately.

  • The print action was not working.

  • Under certain conditions uploading files via FTP to an empty folder could fail.

  • A desktop shortcut was created even though it was deselected during the setup.

  • Downloading an update was occasionally giving an error.

Other Changes

  • In 2021 we will drop official support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. We do not prohibit the installation and it is very likely it will continue to work, but the releases will not be tested under these operating systems.

  • The new setup (that we introduced with PDFCreator 4.0.0) now supports commmand line parameters. Please give us feedback, if you require any other parameter from our legacy setup.

  • The COM examples were updated and improved.

PDFCreator 4.0.4

Released 2020-04-16


  • PDFCreator now uses Ghostscript 9.50

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an error that could occur when dragging unknown file types to PDFCreator

  • Fixed cut off content when printing to paper

  • If Dropbox share links are placed in an e-mail, but the Dropbox action was placed after sending the mail, PDFCreator now attaches the files

  • Fixed an error when stamping with other modifications, e.g. adding a cover or attachment

Other Changes

  • Some temporary setup files were not removed

PDFCreator 4.0.3

Released 2020-02-21

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash that could occur after converting a document

  • Fixed the offline activation which was broken in PDFCreator 4.0.2

  • PDFCreator Terminal Server: Fixed the PDFCreator License Management Service initialization for offline activation

PDFCreator 4.0.2

Released 2020-02-05

Bugs fixed

  • The Setup file size was reduced

  • Fixed a rare error that occurred when the setup was started twice in quick succession

  • Fixed wrong action order when automatic save and workflow editor are activated.

  • Prevent setup from restarting the machine without warning in case a file can’t be replaced during an update

  • Fixed a bug where the printers might not preserved during an update from PDFCreator 4.0

  • PDFCreator Business, PDFCreator Terminal Server: MSI now supports silently updating over previous InnoSetup (.exe) installations

  • After loading settings from INI files, the UI did not fully update to display all settings properly

  • Fixed a bug with HotFolder that would always send PDF files to the default profile

Other Changes

  • The setup will show a warning if PDFCreator is running to ensure the update to be completed successfully

PDFCreator 4.0.0

Released 2020-01-20

PDFCreator 4.0 brings a new setup, the workflow editor and usability improvements when printing and merging documents. Please note that the setup command line options have changed. PDFCreator now requires .NET Framework 4.7.2. This will be installed during the setup if required and should be installed already in most cases.


  • PDFCreator now has a workflow editor to define the order of actions while converting documents

  • Allow to “Convert Here” and “Merge” from the context menu

  • Adding backgrounds is now available for all output formats

  • PDFCreator can now send the whole document to the printer, including added backgrounds or a visible signatures

  • Option to sort print jobs in the merge window by date, ID or alphabetically

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bug in merge window when trying to drag and drop a new file into the pint jobs list.

  • Files saved from the COM interface were sometimes saved generating a distinct filename, if the target file already existed. PDFCreator now writes exactly to the specified location.

  • Fixed converting files, when the filename ended with a space or a dot

  • Fixed error in merge all function when merge window was open before

  • Remove the Bug that caused the application to crash when a broken font was loaded. The Bug occurred while selecting a font for the stamping action.

Other Changes

  • New PDFCreator edition PDFCreator Professional, which is the successor of PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Plus. Licenses for both editions are valid for PDFCreator Professional.

  • For easier understanding, the “script” action was renamed to “run program”

  • PDFCreator now uses and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

  • Printer drivers are signed with the current pdfforge certificate.

PDFCreator 3.5.1

Released 2019-06-24


  • PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Terminal Server: Administrators have the possibility to enable editing of shared settings in the group policies

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed navigation to profiles tab from “Edit” in the print job window

  • After editing profiles the print job window sets the last edited profile

  • “Save” is the preselected button in the print job window to proceed immediately by pressing enter

  • Fix an error that could happen when printing a lot of files from the context menu

  • Fix “Don’t show quick Actions until the next update” which sometimes wasn’t applied

  • The lost <Last used profile> printer mapping is recovered

  • PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Terminal Server: Fix setting passwords if print dialog is skipped

PDFCreator 3.5.0

Released 2019-05-27


  • It is now possible to send a converted file via email, smtp, ftp or similar without specifying a target directory.

  • PDFCreator now ships with PDF Architect 7

  • PDFCreator Business, PDFCreator Terminal Server and PDFCreator Custom: There is now a GPO setting to disable the History

  • Add drop down buttons in print job view for quick access to several functions

Bugs fixed

  • Error that occurs when trying to convert a secured PDF in autosave mode will not clog application.

  • Installing printers could fail without message under certain circumstances

  • Fixed some cases where HTML Signatures could be overwritten when using the mail client action

  • License will be updated immediately after activating

  • The UI now updates correctly when the switching the modify background setting on or off

  • Job History now properly updates when reseting the settings

  • PDFCreator now uses the operating system’s display language as default. Previously it would use the language from the regional settings

  • If PDFCreator can’t detect the default PDF viewer, but PDF Architect is installed, PDF Architect will be used to open the PDF file

  • When the merge window was opened, incoming print jobs could be added and processed twice

  • Fixed a bug in parsing user tokens with a certain argument in the PS file

  • Fixed an error that could appear when closing the application

Other Changes

  • PDFCreator can repair PDFCreator printers during an update if necessary

  • Added a new default profile with full encryption and password protection activated

PDFCreator 3.4.1

Released 2019-04-03


  • PDFCreator now ships with PDF Architect 7

Bugs fixed

  • The profile list is now sorted alphabetically

  • Installing printers could fail without message under certain circumstances

  • Fixed some cases where HTML Signatures could be overwritten when using the mail client action

  • License will be updated immediately after activating

  • When dragging files to convert into the UI, the drop zone will be visible

  • The filename was not saved when confirming the print dialog with the enter key

  • The UI now updates correctly when the switching the modify background setting on or off

  • Job History now properly updates when reseting the settings

  • Fixed a bug in parsing user tokens with a certain argument in the PS file

PDFCreator 3.4.0

Released 2019-02-14


  • Option to open recently converted documents in the print view of PDF Architect

  • PDFCreator Plus, PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Terminal Server: New updates are starting to download immediately when they are available to reduce waiting time

  • Stay up to date with our new news feed in the home tab

  • Simplified setting of visible signature via position, width and height

  • Added new tokens for paths to Desktop, MyDocuments and MyPictures.

  • PDFCreator now supports PDF/A-3b

  • Every password field now has an eye symbol that can be pressed to see the password in clear text

  • A new overview to see all the changes made in the recent updates before installing

  • Users will now be warned in the UI if they try to use UserToken without activating them

  • PDFCreator Business, PDFCreator Terminal Server and PDFCreator Custom: Share settings via ini file in ProgramData folder

Other Changes

  • Mark features that are not supported by the selected output format

  • Redesign of the error report window

  • Redesign the about section to make it easier for you to find help or help yourself