Start Conversion

The usual way to convert a file is to open it with an application of your choice and print to a PDFCreator printer. Besides that, you can launch a conversion by dropping a file on the PDFCreator application or by selecting a file in the file dialog launched via the choose a file to convert button.


The history gives you an overview of the most recently converted documents and allows you to open, send or delete these. Moved or deleted documents get automatically removed. PDFCreator checks this on startup and when when you click on “Refresh History”.

Expand the entries to see additional information and to reach the available actions.

History Actions

Remove from history

A single history entry gets removed by moving the cursor over it and clicking on the appearing x. Only the entry gets removed, the files will remain on your system.

Open with PDF Architect

Opens the documents with our PDF Architect for viewing or for further modifications.

Open with default viewer

Open the documents in your default viewer that is defined by your Windows settings.

Open folder

Opens the folder, where the documents were created, with the Windows Explorer. The first file will be pre-selected in the Explorer.

Open with E-Mail client

If you have installed an e-mail client, like Thunderbird or Outlook, it will be opened to create a new e-mail with the documents attached.


Deletes the file from your system and removes the entry from the history.

History settings

Open the history settings by clicking on the cogwheel above the history.

Enable / Disable History

Clicking on first menu entry enables/disables the history.

Clear History

Removes all the entries from the history, but doesn’t delete the files from your system.

Refresh History

Removes the documents that were deleted or moved since PDFCreator was started.