PDFCreator allows you to have multiple Windows printers. The default printer is “PDFCreator”, which can be renamed.


The printer with the name “PDFCreator” is usually the primary PDFCreator printer (for printing with right mouse button in Windows). You can set the primary printer as seen below.

Each printer can be linked to a profile, which is preselected when using the printer. To change the linked profile, simply click on the right column of the printer and select a profile from the list. By default the printer uses the last profile that was used.

If the profile uses autosave, the whole PDFCreator dialog will be skipped. So you could have one printer for invoices that saves the invoice automatically as PDF to a certain folder and another one for standard usage.

Click on *Add Printer* to create a new printer. To rename a printer, select one in the chart and click on *Rename Printer*. The same procedure applies to *Delete Printer*.


  • You need to have administrator privileges to add, rename or delete printers.

  • You can also delete and rename the printers in the Windows control panel, but you will lose the link to the profiles.

Primary Printer

The primary printer is used when printing with right mouse button in Windows. You can select the printer that will be used here.