User Tokens

With the user token feature, we give the advanced user the possibility to define own tokens directly in the original document. The original files will be analysed for user tokens, which will be removed from the document after extracting the value.


This feature is available in our PDFCreator Business Editions

Please activate this feature when you intend to use it because the search for user tokens might be time consuming on slower PCs.

This feature must be enabled in every profile setting in which you want to use it.


Place a user token in your document with the following syntax:

[[[NameOfToken:User token value]]]

The name can be chosen completely free and independent from the regular tokens.


The user token name must not contain blank spaces.

When the user token feature is activated, it will be evaluated and removed from the original document.


User tokens should be placed on separate lines because the whole line will be removed during the process.

In PDFCreator, you can define user tokens the same way as regular tokens. The token name is composed of the keyword “User:” and the name of the token:


In case the document does not include a used user token, the following syntax allows you to set a default value:

<User:NameOfToken:Default value>


The default value is not used if the user token is present in the document but its value remains empty.

[[[NameOfToken:]]] would be replaced with an empty string.


Just like the regular tokens, user tokens can be used in the following fields:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Stamp Text

  • Filename Template

  • Folder Template (for save file dialog)

  • Target folder (for automatic saving)

  • E-mail recipients

  • E-mail subject

  • E-mail text

  • Script file path

  • Script parameters

  • FTP server directory


Don’t hesitate to contact us, if your use case is not covered (