PDFCreator supports transmitting the print job to a further printer. Commonly this is a hardware printer, but it could be any printer installed on your computer, even another instance of PDFCreator.

Select printer: You can either select your default printer or a printer from the list below (select printer ->).

If you select printer dialog the windows printer dialog will pop up when the job is printed. You can specify the printer according to your actual preference.

Duplex printing: If the selected printer supports double sided printing, you can enable duplex printing and select on which side you want the pages to turn over. You can choose between long edge turn (left side e.g. for a book) or short side (upper side e.g. for a calender).

Fit to page size of the printer: When this option is selected, the document pages are scaled to the printer’s page size while maintaining the aspect ratio.


Use this when printing A4 pages on a letter printer, for example.