Hidden settings

We have settings that are too specific to be placed in the user interface, but they can be set directly in the registry.

The registry path base is


with 0 examplary for the first profile. Of course these settings can be added to every profile.


These settings might not be in the registry. In that case the keys have to be created manually.

The values are a type of string.

Additional Ghostscript parameters

Registry key: Ghostscript\AdditionalGsParameters

Here you can set additional Ghostscript parameters. They will be attached to the regular parameters.

Text format

Registry key: TextSettings\Format

The following text output formats can be set.

0: is intended for use by developers and outputs XML-escaped Unicode along with information regarding the format of the text (position, font name, point size, etc). The XML output is the same format as the MuPDF output, but no additional processing is performed on the content, so no block detection.

1: uses the same XML output format, but attempts similar processing to MuPDF, and will output blocks of text. Note the alogrithm used is not the same as the MuPDF code, and so the results will not be identical.

2 (default): outputs Unicode (UCS2) text (with a Byte Order Mark) which approximates the layout of the text in the original document.

3: format 2 encoded in UTF-8.


The default value is 2. Invalid values will be set to this value.

40 Bit encryption

Registry key: PdfSettings\Security\EncryptionLevel

Set Rc40Bit. (Of course encryption has to be enabled too and therefore a user password is required.)


If 40 Bit encryption is set, there will be no encryption level selected in the profile settings window.