Default profiles

To give you some guidance, PDFCreator comes with a set of predefined profiles. Of course you can edit them according to your personal needs and except for the <Default Profile> you may also rename or delete them.

<Default Profile>

The default profile should define your frequently used settings. It can’t be renamed or deleted to ensure at least one profile reference.

High Compression (small file)

This profile was made to generate small file sizes with a loss of image quality due to the high compression. Ideal to share early concepts or if a small file is absolutely required.

High Quality (large file)

Use this profile to keep the highest possible quality depending on your original, limited by the capacity of the created file format.


PDFCreator can not increase the image quality. If the images that are sent to PDFCreator have a low quality, this cannot be improved. PDFCreator is only able to preserve high-quality images.

JPEG (graphic file)

This profile generates a JPEG file. A popular graphic file format especially for web usage, with a good compromise between file size and quality.

PDF/A (long term preservation)

Create a file that fulfills the ISO standard of Portable Document Format (PDF) for digital long term preservation of electronic documents.

PNG (graphic file)

PNG is a graphic file format, without a loss of quality due to compression.

TIFF (multiple graphic file)

TIFF is a graphic file format with the main advantage to save multiple images (respectively pages) into one file.