What’s new in HotFolder?

HotFolder 1.4.9

Included since PDFCreator 4.4.1 Business editions


  • Hotfolder now uses shared settings from PDFCreator if possible.

  • For creating PDF and PS files HotFolder uses PDFCreator’s direct conversion.

Bugs fixed

  • Settings did not show properly while configuring HotFolder.

  • The ‘About’ window showed ‘Developer Preview’ for released versions.

  • PDFCreator offline mode was interfering with the configuration of HotFolder.

HotFolder 1.2

Released 2016-02-29

Included in PDFCreator Plus 2.3.0


  • Add a wizard to make the creation of new HotFolders much easier. Includes the option to create a HotFolder with default settings as well as options to create PDFCreator printers and profiles inside the HotFolder Wizard.

  • Added filters, to restrict conversion to selected file types or to exclude selected file types from being converted

  • Added default folders to make the configuration of HotFolders easier

  • Files created by PDFCreator, as well as source and unprintable files can now be stored in folders inside your HotFolder

  • The assigned profile is now displayed next to the selected printer

  • UI improvements in settings

  • Removed the default printer option. Each HotFolder configuration has its own printer selection.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix a performance bug that caused HotFolder to use too much cpu time

  • Prevent crash if a HotFolder was created in a location without rights to write a system file

HotFolder 1.1.1

Released 2015-10-26

Included in PDFCreator Plus 2.2.0


This release only includes small changes to make it compatible with PDFCreator 2.2.0.

HotFolder 1.1

Released 2015-06-04

Included in PDFCreator Plus 2.1.2


  • Added new language: Italian

  • Improved error handling

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a problem when installing .net

HotFolder 1.0

Released 2015-03-19

Included in PDFCreator Plus 2.1.0


  • Added rename button for HotFolder configurations

  • Added an option to move converted files to the recycle bin instead of a separate folder

  • When creating a new HotFolder configuration the application will suggest a default name for it

  • HotFolders on the file system are now turned back into normal folders when uninstalling the application

  • Added a “Clear list” button to the main window

  • The welcome window can be closed by pressing return

  • HotFolders now ignore hidden files

  • Added seven new languages: Chinese, Corsican, Czech, Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue where HotFolder would crash after trying to move a file that it was able to read but not to move

  • HotFolder will now display an error message if the minimum required PDFCreator version is not installed

  • Only one instance of HotFolder can now run at a time