Using HotFolder

Creating a HotFolder

To be able to use HotFolder, you first need to create a new HotFolder configuration in the settings. Open the settings by clicking on the settings button in the top right corner of the main menu. Open the HotFolder Settings tab and click on the plus at the bottom of the list to create a new HotFolder configuration. This will open the HotFolder wizard which will help you with the configuration. For more information on the wizard see HotFolder Configs.

Once your’re done, click the Save button to save the configuration.

Configuring a PDFCreator printer for your HotFolder

You don’t need to configure a PDFCreator printer and profile for HotFolder before using it anymore. You can set all nessecary settings in the HotFolder Wizard now. If you want to adjust the profile settings for an existing HotFolder or configure additional settings, you still need to do that inside PDFCreator.


If you do not specify a printer with auto-save profile for your HotFolders as recommended, PDFCreator will open a print dialog for every file you put in the HotFolder while it is running.

Starting and stopping the HotFolders

To start your HotFolders click on the start button in the main window. This will start watching all the folders currently configured as HotFolders. It will also process all files that are in the folders when you start watching them. You can see information about all the converted files in the log in the main window.

To stop watching the folders just click the stop button in the main window.

Running HotFolder in the background

You can minimize the HotFolder application any time by clicking the minimize button. This will minimize the application to the system tray. If you minimize it after starting to watch folders, it will keep running and processing files in the background. You can also start or stop watching folders while the program is minimized by right clicking on the system tray icon.

Starting HotFolder when Windows starts

It is possible to configure HotFolder to automatically start when Windows starts. You can enable this feature in the settings. For more information view General Settings.