General Settings

In the General Settings you can set basic properties the entire HotFolder application will use. You can access them by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner of the main window.


With the Startup setting you can enable HotFolder to start when Windows starts. It will start minimized and you will find the icon for it in the system tray. It also automatically starts monitoring all your configured HotFolders.

This setting is disabled by default.


Select the application language from the list of supported languages. The selected language will be set by leaving the settings with Save. You can check the translation with the Preview button. The language will be reverted, when you leave the dialog with the Cancel button.


To help solve problems, HotFolder logs intermediate steps into a log file. You can open the file by clicking on Show log file. Your default viewer for LOG files (usually the same as for TXT files e.g. Notepad) will open the log file, from there you can save a copy.

You can set the log level to filter the importance (and consequently the quantity) of the notifications in the log file. For example Off would turn off the logging (but will still create/keep a log file, which is empty or may contain old logs).

Debug would be the log level for troubleshooting. If you have to contact our support, feel free to add the log file generated on this level.

Error is the default log level.