Adds the content of a PDF file to the background of the document. The background file must be a PDF file.

Opacity: The opacity of the background document.

In case the background file has less pages than the actual document you can select a Repetition:

No Repetition: The first background pages will be set (first background page on the first document page, second to second etc.). Page numbers above the number of background pages do not get a background.

Repeat all pages: The background pages repeat themselves until the end of the document. This can be used to have different backgrounds for even and odd pages.

Repeat last page: The first background pages will be set. The last background page will be repeated until the end of the document. This is useful if the first page has a different layout than the rest of the pages (i.e. cover page and content pages).


To select if the background is placed on the Cover or Attachment pages, place the background action in the action order after the cover or attachment action (see Actions (Workflow Editor)). If you don’t want a background on these pages put the background action in front.