Actions (Workflow Editor)ΒΆ

The workflow editor gives you a quick overview of enabled actions and allows you to configure a custom order how actions will be executed.

The action editor is separated into three workflow steps: Preparation, Modify and Send. The preparation step will only be displayed if a preparation action is enabled. All displayed actions are enabled. To disable an action, it has to be removed from the editor.

The Wrench button in the action boxes will open their respective settings dialog. See the list below for more info on the particular action settings.
The Bin button will remove actions from the active profile.

You can freely move the grey action boxes within the blocks to customize the order in which PDFCreator will execute the actions. Action boxes with white background represent actions with fixed execution times.

Use the Add Action button to select new actions from an overview. Each actions can be added only once.

The available actions are: