To automatically send the created document attached to an e-mail directly without opening an e-mail client, PDFCreator has the action to send e-mail over SMTP. If you save your password in the profile, PDFCreator will send the e-mail without any user interaction.


See Add SMTP Account if you need help setting up your account.

Specify Sender

On Behalf Of:

This allows you to send messages on behalf of another user.

If set it will be used as From in the protocol and the address from the account will be set as Sender.


You will receive a login error if your e-mail provider does not permit sending mails on behalf.

Display Name:

The display name will appear next to your email address in the sender info.

Reply To:

One or more comma-separated e-mail addresses to which a reply to the e-mail is to be sent.


You can use tokens throughout the “Specify Sender” section. See Tokens.


You can set multiple recipients (separated by commas) as your primary recipient (To).

The same applies to a copy where each mail address is visible (CC) respectively not visible (BCC) to the other addressees.


You can use tokens here. For more information, please visit the Tokens section

Edit E-Mail Text

Set the subject and content of your e-mail.


You can use tokens with specific values of the current print job (e.g. the name of the converted document that is attached). See Tokens.

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Send Test E-mail

Check your settings by sending a test e-mail to your own e-mail address (given above).


Please keep in mind, that automated profiles can “silently” send e-mails!