PDFCreator can automatically open a new e-mail in your default e-mail client with your created document attached to it. If Microsoft Outlook is configured as default e-mail client, this is used to create the new e-mail with the created files attached. If you do not have Outlook or Outlook is not your default client, the configured MAPI (Microsoft Messaging API) client will be used.


If you are not using Microsoft Outlook, your e-mail client must support the MAPI interface to work with the “open e-mail client” action. Common clients (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) do this.

To see if your e-mail client is linked with MAPI, open the windows control panel and check “default programs” -> “set your default programs”. Select your client and click on “choose defaults for this program”. If MAPI is supported, it is listed here. Enable the checkbox next to it and your e-mail client should work with PDFCreator.

Recepient(s): You can set multiple recipients (separated by commas).

Edit e-mail text: Predefine subject and content of your e-mail. You can use tokens with specific values of the current print job (e.g. name of the attached file). If you want to support PDFCreator, we would be very pleased if you enabled our signature, but you can also use this service free of ads.


You can use tokens here. For more information, please visit the Tokens section


Since your e-mail is opened in your client, you can check and edit the full content of the mail before sending it.