Autosave Mode

PDFCreator can be completely automated without any further interaction using a preselected profile. You can activate the autosave mode in the profile settings on the Save tab by setting the switch to Automatic. But it only becomes effective if you connect an autosave profile to a PDFCreator printer (see Using multiple printers) and start the conversion with this printer. Furthermore, you must set a target folder and a filename to predefine the location and the name of your documents.


We recommend to have at least one PDFCreator printer that keeps the user interaction for short-termed adjustments.

Since the interaction is missing, changes in the profile settings can only be made by opening the PDFCreator through the Start menu.

Required Settings:

  1. Launch PDFCreator and click on Profiles.

  2. Select a profile for autosave or create a new one with the Add button.

  3. Navigate to the Save section on the left hand side.

  4. Set the switch to Automatic in order to activate automatic saving.

  5. Define your filename template under Filename.

  6. Beneath you define the target folder, where your files get saved.

  7. Close the Save setting window.

  8. Navigate to the Output Format section below the Save section.

  9. Select the desired file format.

  10. Close the Output Format setting window.

  11. Save the profile by clicking the Save Button.

  12. Navigate to the Printer tab.

  13. Select a printer to which you want to connect the autosave profile or create a new printer with Add Printer.

  14. Click on the Profile column of the desired printer and connect it with the autosave profile by selecting it from the profile list.

  15. Store the settings by leaving with Save.


If you do not want your files to be overwritten, you can use tokens (e.g. <DateTime>) in the filename to get unique filenames.

Further Settings:

  • You must set all required passwords for the functionality you would like to use (i.e. security, signing, SMTP and/or FTP). You can find associated Set password buttons to predefine the passwords. The passwords will be stored by leaving the profile settings with Save.

  • In the Open File action, you can select if the document should be opened after saving.

  • Set the log level under Application Settings -> Debug -> Logging to at least Error (this is the default value). This will allow you to check the log file for possible errors during automated conversion.