Performance Test

The PerformanceTest application is designed to give you information about the performance of PDFCreator Server on your system and enable you to find the best configuration for it.


The performance test application will stop and then reconfigure the PDFCreator Server Windows service in order to run the tests. It will restore your previous settings when you close it.

You can define Presets that automatically configure the PDFCreator Server with different settings and print test files. Each preset prints the selected file a certain amount of times with the specified amount of printers and starts the service with the specified number of threads.

To run a test, create one or more presets. The checkbox next to the preset name allows you to exclude it from the current test. Set the number of times you want to run each preset and select if you want to print the files before starting the service or include the time it takes to print into the result. After running a test, the result is displayed in the log window. In addition to that, a csv file with the results from all presets is generated as well as separate csv files with more detailed results for each run of a preset. You can open the folder containing the files by clicking the Show Results button.

If you want to run a performance test using your own files, you can create an RTF file and place it in the PrintDocuments folder located in the install directory.