Service Configuration

In order to provide complete functionality, the PDFCreator Server service needs some configuration.

We recommend to create a new user account to handle the PDFCreator Server service in order to prevent issues.


If you don’t know how to set up a new user, please see the following guide:

This account will need the following permissions to provide PDFCreator Server with the required permissions:
  • Read/write access to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\pdfforge\PDFCreator Server

  • Access to our license server on

  • Read/write access for “C:\Windows\Temp\PDFCreator Server” and ALL subfolders

  • If you would like to forward the print jobs to an additional printer, the account will need access to this printer

  • If you want to save files on a network, please see How can I save files to a shared network drive?.

To access the service settings, open the Windows service management (services.msc) and double click “PDFCreator Server”.

Select the Tab ‘Log On’ and assign the newly created user account.


If you would like the PDFCreator Server service to start automatically, select Starttype: Automatic or Automatic (delayed).