Differences between PDFCreator and PDFCreator Server

New Features

  • You can share PDFCreator Server printers in your network, enabling other users to print to them without a PDFCreator installation.

  • PDFCreator Server enables centralized management of settings for all users.

  • You can convert more files, PDFCreator is not built for lots of files.

  • It is faster than PDFCreator and you can use multiple threads to convert files, making it even faster!

  • You can save all converted files to a central location.

Unavailable Features

PDFCreator Server is a Windows service application, it converts files automatically without any user interaction. Because of this, some features work differently than in PDFCreator.

  • You can not choose a location to save the file to during the conversion, the files are always saved to a predefined directory using the settings from the queue assigned to the printer.

  • It is not possible to merge files.

  • Created files can not be automatically opened in a viewer (Open File) or an e-mail-client (E-mail).

  • Required passwords need to be set and saved in the settings, it is not possible to set them during the conversion.

  • Explorer context menu integration is unavailable.