PDFCreator Server Settings

The settings for PDFCreator Server are divided into five sections, similar to PDFCreator. In the upper right corner of the UI you can start and stop the service via the start and stop button. Please refer to the following sections to learn more about PDFCreator Server Settings.


To ensure complete functionality, make sure that the PDFCreator Server service is configured properly. See Service Configuration for all information needed.

The Home tab contains a live status of currently running queues and a history of recently converted documents.

The Queues tab allows you to manage settings related to the actual conversions of your files, to add, delete and rename printers for a queue etc.

The Accounts tab allows you to link PDFCreator Server to Dropbox, your FTP, HTTP or SMTP servers. See Accounts for additional information.

The Errors tab allows you to inspect or delete error messages of errors which occured and to send reports if necessary.

Access the Application Settings ⚙ to make general adjustments to the program.