General Settings


PDFCreator Server is able to use multiple threads to convert documents. You can set the amount of threads to be used with the slider. PDFCreator Server also displays a recommended number of threads depending on your system.

Update Check

PDFCreator Server checks for updates automatically and informs you about new versions. You can set the interval to Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Select Never to disable the automatic update check. You can immediately check for updates by clicking *Check now*.

Usage Statistics

In order to be able to constantly improve PDFCreator Server, we would like to collect anonymous usage statistics.

We are collecting the following information:

Information about the converted documents:

  • output format

  • duration

  • whether the document was converted successfully

  • number of pages

  • used features

Information about the service:

  • application version

  • service uptime

  • total number of users that used PDFCreator Server

  • total number of converted documents

  • operating system


We do not collect data that can potentially contain sensitive information, like the computer name, paths, environment variables, document names etc. The collected data is only used by us for analysis purposes and will not be shared with any third party. The application’s performance will not be affected by collecting the usage statistics. If the usage statistics are disabled, no data will be collected or transmitted!


To ensure complete functionality, make sure that the service is configured properly. See Service Configuration for all information needed.