The history gives you an overview of the most recently converted documents. It shows if a conversion was sucessful or failed and allows you to search and group the data. You can refresh the fetched data by clicking on the Refresh button or you can delete all entries in the history by clicking on the Clear History button. If you click on a column header it will sort the data either alphabetically, numerically or by date.

Live Monitoring

With the live monitoring, you can track all jobs that are running inside PDFCreator Server in real time. It allows you to keep an overview of who is running jobs, how many threads are in use and even if a thread takes an exceptionally long time to complete.

You can find the feature in the top part of the home screen. The list represents all threads running on your server (to configure the number of threads, see General Settings). Every thread can be “Running” or “Waiting”. While a thread is waiting, it has no job to process and show the last job that was processed on this thread. While running, a thread is processing a given print job. If a job is running for longer than usual, the service may have to be restarted to free the thread.


All finished jobs can be seen below the live status in the “History”. If a print job is not shown yet, even though it was already completed, you have to refresh the list (see button in the lower right corner labelled “Refresh”).

The live monitoring is automatically activated when the UI or service are started. The service uses WebSockets to communicate with the UI. By default, the port 12312 is configured for this communication. The port can be changed in the registry at

PDFCreator Server\Settings\ServerExclusiveSettings\ServiceIOPort

But keep in mind that changes only come in effect after restarting the service.


If you change the registry while the UI is open, these changes can be reverted when saving inside the UI.