With PDFCreator, you’re able to handle each document individually using the interactive mode or you can automate your workflow with our automatic mode.

Learn how to change the default saving location and set a default Filename.


The filename template is where you change the way you would like PDFCreator to name the documents it creates. It is the proposed name in the save file dialog and the name used in autosave mode. The default value is <title>, this token will be replaced by the source document’s title. Tokens can be added by selecting an item from the token list.


You can use tokens here. For more information, please visit the Tokens section

Target Directory

By default the target directory is empty, by this the PDFCreator print job dialog opens with the last directory that was used. You can define a specific directory instead. In order to activate this function simply insert the location of your directory into the textbox or use the “…” Button to choose a folder on your PC.


You can use tokens here. For more information, please visit the Tokens section

Only save file temporarily

Using this option will make PDFCreator save files temporarily in a separate folder. PDFCreator will automatically delete all files in the folder every 48 hours. The output for each print job is saved in a subfolder to ensure there are no duplicated file names. This feature is especially useful if you don’t need to save files because print jobs are processed via send actions.

Skip failed send actions

You can add multiple send actions to your profile and set the order in the workflow editor. This option selects whether to continue with other send actions if one of them fails.

In interactive mode, Warning if send action skipped provides the option to display a warning when a send action has failed and has therefore been skipped.


This setting will open a window prior to any conversion. While using the interactive mode you’re allowed to change the profile, filename, the output format and several other settings.

Skip print dialog

This feature allows you to skip PDFCreator’s print job dialog and start with the Windows save file dialog instead.

Show quick actions

After the conversion PDFCreator while remain open and display information about the created document. Furthermore it gives you the quick access to further actions, see Quick Actions.


The Automatic mode will skip all user interaction, therefore you have to predefine the file format, a filename (see Metadata) and the target directory you would like to use. If the target directory does not exist it will be created.

You can use tokens here, to automatically change the values mentioned above. For more information, please visit the Tokens section


Since there is no interaction, autosave profiles must store all required passwords.

If you configured an autosave profile, you have to link it to a printer in the application settings. Using this printer your file will be automatically created according to your settings. If you want to change these settings, you have to start PDFCreator from the Windows Explorer.

Ensure unique filenames

With this option existing files won’t be overwritten. Therefore, existing filenames will get a numbered appendix. For example if “Testfile.pdf” already exists, it will be renamed to “Testfile_2.pdf”. This will ensure that automatic saving does not (accidentally) delete files.

Show tray notification

Activate this feature to get a tray notification after converting a document. You can also choose to receive notifications for errors only.