Quick Actions

Quick actions allow you to locate or modify the documents directly after they were created. After the creation of the documents you will see a screen showing you your file names, path, total size and the available quick actions. You can also hide the actions until the next update from here.


To see the quick action selection screen you must make sure you are printing in interactive mode (Save) and have the “Show Quick Actions” option selected.

Send by e-mail

If you have installed an e-mail client, like Thunderbird or Outlook, you can use this action to directly open the client and attach your new documents.

Open with PDF Architect

Open your new documents directly in PDF Architect to view or continue to modify them.

Open with default viewer

This Action allows you to open the documents in your default viewer. By changing the Windows default for your files you will also change the viewer the action will open.

Open folder

With this action you can open the folder the documents were created in with Windows Explorer. If you created the documents using the e-mail (E-mail a PDF) creation, the folder will point to a temporary folder. All files created by the conversion will be pre-selected in the explorer.