Release Notes

PDFCreator Server 2.3.2

Released 2021-05-20

Bugs fixed

  • The <OutputFilenames> token was not always resolved.

  • The PostConversion function of the CS-Script action was not executed.

Other Changes

  • The userguide is (finally) searchable.

PDFCreator Server 2.3.1

Released 2021-05-17


  • Converting a test page for checking the queue settings shows errors immediately (not only in the log).

  • The Performance Test was slightly refactored. It is now possible to choose the test file folder while ‘job/second’ and ‘total time’ are displayed.

  • Thanks to our translator community further translations were completed. We appreciate this very much.

Bugs fixed

  • The CS-Script samples and the Performance Test were missing in the new setup.

  • Although selected the start menu links were not created.

  • In some cases the PDFCreator Server license was not automatically revoked after uninstallation.

PDFCreator Server 2.3.0

Released 2021-04-27

With PDFCreator Server 2.3.0 a completely new setup was developed. Please note that the setup command line options have changed.

For this version we will still provide a setup based on the old Inno Setup. Please adapt your installation procedures as soon as possible.


  • The workflow editor view has been improved for a better overview and usability. Therefore the classic tab view of the queue settings was removed.

  • In addition to backgrounds, it is now possible to add watermarks - both with variable opacity.

  • When adding a background or watermark, the original size can be kept by disabling fit to page.

  • E-mails sent with PDFCreator can now have additional attachments.

  • When mailing via SMTP, it is now possible to send the e-mail on behalf of someone else and to define the display name and reply to address.

  • It is now possible to add multiple files as cover pages or as attachment pages.

  • Uploading to an FTP server now supports SFTP.

  • When forwarding a print job to another printer, PDFCreator now sets the title of that print job in the Windows spooler.

  • The user is informed about an impending license expiration and can activate a reminder.

  • This release introduces a new action to forward the print job to another queue - e.g. to convert to additional formats or multiple actions.

Bugs fixed

  • Under certain conditions uploading files via FTP to an empty folder could fail.

  • The creation of PDF/A with grayscale was broken. Temporarily this is fixed by using a RGB ICC profile

  • A script error occurred while adding a Dropbox account.

PDFCreator Server 2.2.1

Released 2020-05-26

Bugs fixed

  • When it was running as user, the server did not work properly for the output formats PDF/A and PDF/X.

  • The last page in the server history was inaccurate.

  • Downloading an update was occasionally giving an error.

PDFCreator Server 2.2.0

Released 2020-04-03


  • PDFCreator now has a workflow editor to define the order of actions while converting documents

  • With the support of our translator community the PDFCreator Server UI is now available in multiple languages.

  • Adding backgrounds is now available for all output formats

  • PDFCreator can now send the whole document to the printer, including added backgrounds or a visible signatures

  • History graph displaying the amount of conversions within a period of time

  • PDFCreator now uses Ghostscript 9.50

Bugs fixed

  • Remove the Bug that caused the application to crash when a broken font was loaded. The Bug occurred while selecting a font for the stamping action.

  • Fixed an error that could appear when closing the application

  • Printing a test page will no longer result in a warning that the settings have been changed

  • Fixed cut off content when printing to paper

Other Changes

  • For easier understanding, the “script” action was renamed to “run program”

  • The server job history now has a pagination and and improved search

PDFCreator Server 2.1.1

Released 2019-10-16

Other Changes

  • The printer driver package has an updated digital signature

  • Sending files over HTTP now also sends the ‘Name’ header which some web server frameworks expect

PDFCreator Server 2.1.0

Released 2019-03-26


  • The Service now update its settings while running, when saving in the main application.

  • Show Change-Log in Server UI when new update is available

  • It is now possible to send a converted file via email, smtp, ftp or similar without specifying a target directory.

  • Simplified setting of visible signature via position, width and height

  • Added new tokens for paths to Desktop, MyDocuments and MyPictures.

  • PDFCreator Server now supports PDF/A-3b

  • Every password field now has an eye symbol that can be pressed to see the password in clear text

  • Users will now be warned in the UI if they try to use UserToken without activating them

  • The setup now creates an additional backup of all settings during updates

Bugs fixed

  • Fix: After update printers using unique printer ports

  • Fix a bug that could prevent failed jobs from being loggen in the history

  • Setup checks if a newer version is available before installing PDFCreator Server

  • Link in the About tab now links to PDFCreator Server Licence agreement

  • Installing printers could fail without message under certain circumstances

  • The UI now updates correctly when the switching the modify background setting on or off

  • Fixed a bug in parsing user tokens with a certain argument in the PS file

Other Changes

  • PDFs created with PDFCreator Server now show the application version in the file properties

  • The add, remove and edit printer buttons have been moved to a new location for ease of access and increased visibility.

  • Proxies that were added in the setup will now also be used by the application

PDFCreator Server 2.0.2

Released 2018-11-15

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a configuration issue with the manual JPEG Q-Factor

  • Fixed NullReferenceException while launching PDFCreator Server caused by unnamed printer ports

  • Adding a new queue will no longer change the target folder of the source queue

  • Fixed linking PDFCreator with new Dropbox account

  • License will be updated immediately after activating

PDFCreator Server 2.0.1

Released 2018-09-13

Bugs fixed

  • Fix broken profile names and assign printer correctly when upgrading from version 1.1/1.2 to 2.0

  • Fixed settings migration from PDFCreator Server 1.X.X. After an update your settings will be fully preserved now.

PDFCreator Server 2.0.0

Released 2018-09-04

PDFCreator Server 2.0 brings a completely redesigned user interface. The main focus was to make it much easier to find functionality and to make configuring the application as easy as possible. A few larger features were added, e.g. the live monitoring and the C# script action, but we also made a lot of other improvements.


  • Live Monitoring: A way to monitor activity on threads to spot unusual activities early and easy

  • PDFCreator Server creates one printer port per printer to allow Windows to spool to these printers simultaneously and increase the printing performance

  • Print jobs logs are now collected in a single event log entry instead of having one entry per log line

  • PDFCreator Server now asks to collect anonymous usage statistics to improve the further development. This is completely optional and users will be informed transparently when the application is started for the first time.

  • Add assistance to initially configure PDFCreator Server. When creating a queue, users can select the output directory and a printer with the same name is created automatically. The queue then is fully functional.

  • When loading settings from INI files, PDFCreator Server can now optionally add missing printers

  • During the uninstallation, the license activation will be released again to allow installation on a different machine

  • Select between mutliple separators for UserTokens in documents to avoid conflicts with other markup characters

  • PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-2b files can be optionally validated during the conversion. A validation report will be saved next to the PDF file.

  • Show update-info if a newer version is available

  • Last search options in server history will be saved

  • User gets notification if PDFCreator Service could not be started/stopped

  • Custom script action with customizable functions to work with print job data directly before and after the conversion based on CS-Script.

Bugs fixed

  • The logging level can be adjusted now with settings