In the Profile Settings you can define multiple profiles. Each profile contains settings that define the output file and what is done with it (calling actions like: open e-mail or print after saving, etc.). The profile settings are editable during the print job or by starting PDFCreator from the Windows Explorer.


Each profile contains settings for all output formats. The format will be set during the save procedure.

PDFCreator comes with several default profiles, the respective settings can be viewed and edited by selecting the profile from the dropdown. With Rename the profile can be renamed. Remove deletes the selected profile.

Click on Add to create a new profile. The created profile will be a copy of the selected profile.

The Save Button in the bottom right corner, will save the changes of the whole profile list. With Cancel you can revert your changes, to the last saved state.

Profile Settings

Find the Save, OutputFormat and Metadata settings of each profile on the right hand side. A selection of the most important settings will be displayed. To see the full settings an edit them, please click on the section.

  • Save manages the saving process including filename and target directory.

  • Output Format selects the output format and the concerning settings.

  • Metadata sets the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords for PDF files.

To learn how to add/remove actions to prepare, modify or send your documents go to Actions (Workflow Editor).

To test the current profile a user can trigger a conversion with the PDFCreator Test Page button. Further, if no Open File Action is present in the profile, the option to open the saving directory of the Test Page is available by clicking the dropdown button.

If you want to learn more about the available options, please refer to the sections of this chapter.